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We pay N25 to N28 per points on products and 50% on our ebooks. This means you can earn N2,500 per customer who bought 100 points and above. It is easy for customers to order above 100 points monthly. Imagine having 10, 20 or 50 customers? That will give you an income of N25,000 - N125,000 monthly.  Set your target number of customers to meet your desired earnings. You will earn from your customers for life!
Apart from the above income you also earn N4 per points from all sub-affiliates's customer purchases. This is another income you get for introducing other people who wish to make money too. 
Since we are marketing mostly nutritional supplements from Neolife company, herbal remedy and beauty products, you can benefit by using our products to get points and qualify to earn bigger bonus.
No need to invest your money, carry products about and no selling or hawking required. You can do it part time or full time and you can run it online or offline from home. 
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